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Herty Gerty

A1’s Herty Gerty is a compact, hand-operated tubular key cutting machine. Each Herty Gerty is supplied with a standard cutter, two set screw wrenches, a standard dial, a decoder and a palm cushion. This key cutter is designed to cut #137 style keys including #137, #137a, and #137s keys. Additionally the Herty Gerty key machine can be used to cut right and left offset keys for the versatility you need. A1 Security has also manufactured several accessories for the Herty Gerty so that it can cut large and small diameter keys including UL. As a key cutting machine, the Hery Gerty is great tool for every locksmith to have. For the 33 years A1 has been making the Herty Gerty, we’ve never had a locksmith return one.

pack a punch model 3t


A1’s Pak-A-Punch key cutting machine is one of our premier namesake products. Over the past 30 years, the Pak-a-Punch has evolved into a family of product that almost every locksmith counts in his tool collection. Pak-a-Punch’s were designed for the locksmith who demanded speed, simplicity, and versatility out of his tools; brining key-cutting abilities to the palm of his hand without any electricity needed. Locksmiths can buy individual accessories or whole kits depending on what problems they need solved. Using this great locksmith tool is as easy turning the knob that adjusts the depth and pulling the trigger. A1’s Pak-a-Punch allows locksmiths to quickly cut keys and is a must for the tool collection.

bulls eye tool

Bulls Eye Installation Tool

A1’s Bulls Eye Installation Tool makes installing cylindrical locksets a synch! Unlike many of it’s competitors, the Bulls Eye was designed with locksmith in mind and uses conventional hole saws. As part of A1’s promise to our locksmiths to make easy to use, time-saving ergonomic tools, the Bull’s Eye delivers. It is equipped to help drill 1 ½ and 2 ⅛ inch cross-bores. The Bulls Eye Installation tool also includes an automatic backset toggle for adjustments and alignment guide for drilling latch holes. It’s easy use and portable size makes it a must for any residential locksmith tool collection.

quickpull tool


A1’s Quickpull make’s your life as a locksmith easy! It’s one of our best selling tools and consistently gets great reviews from locksmiths. The Quickpull allows a locksmith to pull out cylinders without disassembly or removal of the knob. This tool is sure to save every locksmith time! The body of the tool slides over the threaded shaft and then you tighten the knob and pull. This allows a locksmith to repair/rekey the lock and reinsert the doorknob. The Quickpull, QP, is for Kwiksets keys while our also widly popular Quickpull 2, QP2, is for Schlage “F” series keys. This tool is guaranteed to save any locksmith time and be a go-to daily!

viper pick set

Viper Pick Set

A1’s Viper Pick Set is a set of polished stainless steel picks with superior feel and the durability our locksmiths love. The Viper Pick Set has ergonomic handles with finger grips along with a case that can be worn on your belt or in a shirt pocket while on the job. Available as a set or locksmiths can purchase individual replacement picks as needed. These picks are sure to make a locksmith’s life easier and one of the best pick sets available on the market.

mean green machine

Mean Green Machine

A1’s Mean Green Machine is fast, accurate and more versatile than the Original Best ® key combinatory. It features interchangeable vises that allow for quick switch punching capabilities. Since I/Core demands tighter tolerances, we’ve designed our Mean Green Machine to be as accurate as possible. A1’s Mean Green Machine is built to last and while you are cutting those keys faster, you will be thinking you wish you had started using this sooner! If you’re a locksmith and you deal with I/Core tools, this is sure to make your life easier!